Time for a marriage MOT?

For several years, the Marriage Course has been running successfully around the country and offers a gentle and effective means of looking at your relationship, helping to strengthen it.  It’s a great resource.  Normally it runs in church buildings but currently the course is available online free, and a number of couples at CCE have signed up and started.   If you are married, please think about signing up and doing this – the details are here. If you’d like to know more about what it’s like, please get in contact with Rob at the church office, via this link. Rob will put you on to others currently signed up. (He can also recommend it from personal experience!)

You will need a journal each and you can buy them via CLC here or via the Alpha shop here – they cost £7.49.  I’m advised it takes about 10 days to arrive, but in the meantime the course will provide you with two online copies to tide things over.  

CCE had planned to run this course during the summer term, but of course we are unable to at the moment. It should a course, though, that can be run while maintaining social distancing, and we see if we can do this in due time.  It is an excellent course to invite friends along to – it’s gently Christian but still really useful no matter what a couple’s background.   If you’re able to join the online course, hopefully you’ll find it so enjoyable, you’ll be recommending it to others in the future…    

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