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Resources to help you in Exodus

On Sundays at the moment we are spending some time looking at the book of Exodus. It’s a long book and a really important one for understanding the rest of what’s going on in scripture. So alongside the resources were creating we wanted to point you to some helpful other resources if you want to go a little deeper.


Exodus For You

If you’ve not seen them before the “…for you series” are  really helpful and accessible commentaries on books of the Bible.

The one on Exodus is brilliant and will be really helpful to read alongside our series. You can get it in a number of places, including here.


Echo's of Exodus

If you’d like to go a little deeper, there are a few books I would recommend more than “Echoes of Exodus” which looks at how the rest of the Bible uses the Exodus story. You’ll recognise the number of quotes from this book have already made their way into sermons in the series.

It’s a really accessible book and one that is available widely online, including from 10 of those.


God's Mobile Home

For those wanting to look a little bit more at the tabernacle, David Murray’s little book “God Mobile home” is a fantastic read. It’s a book that is written as a conversation between Israelite children and one of the priests. But it looks at different aspects of the tabernacle and points to how each is fulfilled in Christ.

It’s certainly not the last word on the tabernacle, but it’s a helpful place to begin. Its currently only a fiver.


Exodus - Bible Project

The Bible project produced fantastic little videos to introduce Bible books and summarise a lot of the key themes. Their videos on Exodus are in two parts, but you can watch the first part here.

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