Great Big God!

We would love to have a video of our own church family doing the actions and dancing along to “Our God is a Great Big God” and so would love you to send us your videos!

We might use it as part of the countdown, or possibly when we sing it online / in person – so in sending us your video you’re giving us permission to use it online. There will not be any names attached however.

This is a brilliant chance for all those really small to get involved (see below for a throwback version of 2yr old EB – cute but random and that’s fine!) but we would love to have all ages in there too.

See below for…

  • A YouTube video with the backing track to do your actions to so everyone is in time!
  • Sarah doing the actions so you can remind yourself what they are.

Please click this link for tips for filming (landscape please!)… #top-tips-for-online-videos

Please send videos to

We’d love to have all videos in by 24th March.

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