Keswick 2021 – Watch it back

Last week around 15 of the church family and a few of our mission partners went to serve on the Youth team at the Keswick Convention. With Covid, a lot of their content is online – you can click the link to see the whole range or watch the youth streams below.

Keswick Youth Stream


The young people were looking at the book of Philippians and how the Gospel brings joy in Christ even after the kind of year we’ve had.


Looking at joy in tough times, with an amazing testimony from a young Christian and a speaker you might recognise.


With a focus on the Humility of Christ and a challenge to put others first.


Our very own Sarah Bradley, helps us to ‘See, Trust and Know’ Jesus.


Is your story one that will end “they lived to a ripe old age and then they died” or “they lived happily ever after”? Is the latter even possible? See why and how in Philippians 3


Listen as our mission partner Tom Brown, helps us to rejoice in a never changing God in an ever changing world.

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