Sunday Services and Bookings

From 5 September 2021 we will be having two services each Sunday, at 4pm and 7.15pm. The 4pm service will also be live-streamed on our YouTube Channel.

If you would like to come at 7.15pm – just come! There’s no need to book. There’s normally plenty of space so if you need to socially distance that will be possible, and we will have some spaced out seating reserved specially for people for whom that would be appreciated.

If you’re coming at 4pm, then again you can just come along if you are happy to sit in the pews alongside others. But there are two reasons why you might need to book in:

“there are two reasons why you might need to book in at 4pm”

  1. If you would prefer to sit in one of the socially distanced spaces that we have.
  2. If you would like one of the spaces to come through to the hall with your children (age 3-11) for our Families Together time during the service.

We are working at restarting some of our children’s ministry groups led by a team. However, for now we will continue with our “Families Together” time – midway through the service a parent can head through to the hall with their child(ren) . We can fit up to 16 family bubbles in the hall. They will have a children’s talk, and activities to do in family bubbles, lasting through to the end of the service. The sessions will be appropriate for children ages 3-11 (i.e. for those who would otherwise have been in Sparklers or Children’s Church). Please book in for this option even if some of your group will be staying in the main church area.

For the time being we will continue to ask you to wear a facemask, to use the hand sanitiser as you come, and also to bring your own Bible. We use the NIV (New International Version) 2011 translation. 


Note that you only need to book into our 4pm service if you want either of the two ticket types described above – otherwise just come!


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