Growing our habits of grace

One thing that may concern us about our lives with Christ is the state of our spiritual disciplines. It might be that our Bible reading seems to be sporadic and dry, that our prayer lives feel thinner than we’d like or our growth in the knowledge of Jesus Christ seems to be glacially slow, or perhaps even stalled. On the other hand it might be that we do actually pray and read God’s word, but still we ache to be refreshed in our inner lives with Christ. As we work through the idea of Reset in 2021, this might be something you want to tackle this year.

This book – and some good conversations – might help. Do join us in the month leading up to Easter Day as we read through David Mathis’s book “Habits of Grace”. His enthusiasm for growing these habits is infectious. He wants us to see habits of grace as a kind of an electricity switch – we ensure the switch is on, but the power comes from God. He longs to help every reader with practical means of grace to pursue joy in Christ and that is no bad aim.

It’s not perfect – as with every book – and there may be times when you disagree with David, or you think his emphasis is not where you’d put it. But in the end, I think his is a persuasive argument and worth a month of reading and chewing over what he has to say. It’s not there to replace God’s word daily, but to supplement and enrich it.

You can buy the book or download it free here, either as a pdf or for your e-reader. It’s fine to order it and read the pdf for the first few days. It’s also fine to join after we’ve started – you can catch up, or read a few days behind.

Each day we’ll read around five or six pages. There’s a daily reading plan that you should download here. And if you sign up to the WhatsApp group (there’s a link here), there will be a question to help you process each day’s reading and think about it during the day.

It’ll be good to grow some habits of grace together – do join in!

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