Virtually Keswick Convention

The Keswick Convention

Normally around this time of year many of the church family would be either in Keswick or preparing to go there for a week or two. Why so? Are we a church family of avid hill walkers, thrill seeking gorge scrambers, open water lake swimmers and ice cream aficionados? … Well maybe… but also because for the last 145 years Christians from around the globe have flocked to Keswick to hear God’s word being opened, sing his praises and enjoy a week together in his beautiful creation.

I love Keswick’s commitment to faithful bible teaching in a way that is both relevant and accessible to young people today. It’s a real joy to be a part of.
Tom Brown
CCE Mission Partner

This year the convention is coming to us, in the virtually Keswick Convention. It’s a week of free streamed events for all ages

Whats on for who?


Bible readings will be given by Christopher Ash. Christopher is the Writer-in-Residence at Tyndale House in Cambridge. He will speak on ‘Hope in Jesus’ from the Psalms, particularly focussing on Psalms 2 to 6.

*During the Convention, sessions will be livestreamed on the Homepage. They will then be available afterwards on the Keswick Convention YouTube channel.


Speaking about God, reading the Bible and looking at how to live as a Christian is central to Keswick youth.

The priority is to learn about God through his Word in the Bible. Through teaching and activities, God’s Word will be taught, and its relevance will be explained. Check out the promo to see some familiar faces!

mornings at 11.15am. evenings at 8pm

For youngsters aged between 3 and 11.

This exciting online programme features Bible teaching that we pray will help the children to know and love our great God!

Monday – Friday, 11.15am

How can I make the most of it this year?

The wonderful thing about the way that Keswick is running this year is that it’s very flexible. You could tune into some of the sessions on your own, or whilst away on holiday. You can tune into them as they’re streamed or watch them back at a later date. If you know others in your growth group or the wider church family who would like to watch them, why not watch together and chat about it afterwards. Children may want to have play dates with others and tap into the Children’s work. Cabin and forge aged young people will see many a familiar face in the Keswick Youth programme.

One of the hallmarks of Keswick is that it seeks to equip families and churches by teaching the same material across all the age ranges and providing information for parents so they can make most use of the teaching.

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