Top Tips for online videos


Use in Landscape mode

Turn your phone sideways and you’ll get rid of those black lines that run along the sides. It’ll fill the screens on peoples laptops and TV screens when it comes to play it out.


Keep it steady!

It’s best to prop the phone up (or use a tripod if you have one) rather than hold it – don’t make your viewers seasick! You may also want to turn off auto-focus (generally done by clicking the screen where you want it to focus) as the constant refocusing can have the same effect!



Have the phone so you can look into it the same way you would look at a person stood in front of you – or better still someone slightly taller than you (in other words, don’t look down at the camera)! You might need to balance it on things like a music stand or a pile of books, or you may need to sit on the floor – but I’m sure you can be inventive!

If you’re reading the Bible don’t put the phone on the table to read it or we’ll get a lovely view up your nostrils! It’s fine to look down as you read though.



Aim to fill the screen as much as possible with your subject. (that’s you in this case – or rather your head and shoulders – like the news!). It doesn’t have to be dead centre – but it should have as much of you as you can.



Try and do it in natural light. The best place to do it is facing a window, as the light will fall on your face. If this is not possible, then try to have a few light sources in the room on either side of you. If the light is behind you, you will be in shadow. If you have just one light to one side you may end up with some weird shadows on your face.



You probably don’t have a professional microphone (though if you do, use it!), but try and make sure that you’re somewhere quiet and your notifications are temporarily switched off (Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb etc.). An ideal space would be in a carpeted room – no bathrooms please as the sound will bounce around all over the place! If you don’t have carpet or a rug (by your window!) then you could pop a blanket on the floor.

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