From Brocco Bank to Bethlehem

During lockdown, one of the things we are allowed to do is to go out for a walk within our bubbles, or to meet up with one individual from another household (with pre-school children not counted in the number). This could be a great way of maintaining fellowship with people at church, and so we’d like to set us a challenge.

Can we collectively walk (or run?) the distance from Brocco Bank to Bethlehem before Christmas Day?

That’s 3198 miles! Or 100 people averaging 6 miles a week. Remember each person going on a walk will be add miles to the total – so a family of five walking two miles will get us ten miles closer to Bethlehem. The only rule is that is has to be with other members of the church family – whether within your bubble or with someone else.

We’ve set up a google sheet where we can enter our walks, see the cumulative total go up, and find out where in Europe or Asia we’ve managed to get to. As well as filling in the spreadsheet, send in a photo of you on your walk to church mobile (07968 980554) and we can show them in our online services.

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