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Creche and Pre-Schoolers

Small children can be really wriggly – can’t they? But we also want them to be engaged in what is happening, at a level that is right for them, but with less input from us, so we can engage with the service ourselves…. it’s quite a conundrum! We have put together a little list of suggestions for activities for your children to do, while the service is happening. Don’t feel you have to all (or any) of them, pick what you have handy, and what will suit you and your family best. Click here for this week’s suggestions.​​

Psalm 23 Playlist

One of the things that we've suggested this week is to spend some time praising God through music. We've put together a playlist of some songs we like to sing and dance along to and thought you'd like to enjoy too. Click the icon above to go straight there...

Some families have got back to me with some feedback from the notes, and have expressed a wish to do shorter times with their families throughout the week picking up on what was learnt on Sundays.

Others have said that they like to have Sundays different and have some notes for just one day.

Hopefully we’ve come up with a plan that should help everyone! The new style notes are formatted over a week, with a suggestion written next to it of how you could turn those notes into a single session if that’s what suits your family best.

Please use these notes however is most useful!


Welcome to the Children’s and Youth Work blog page!

On this page we’ve talked about the young people’s notes for each Sunday Service, Family Worship Times and also other bits and pieces (like videos and resources) as the weeks go on.

We’ve tried to think of what you’ll need so there’s a list of some things to think about when doing your Family Worship Time on here and a list of other resources that you might want to check out (if you’ve not got enough suggestions already!!!!)

We would love to hear from you – so do send us an email or a photo or an video and (with your consent) we’ll pop a few on here.

Please also be in touch if you’ve got any questions about the resources, and we’ll do what we can.

We’re praying for all of you so please take heart and be encouraged that…

The Lord your God is with you.
The mighty One will save you.
The Lord will be happy with you.
You will rest in his love.
He will sing and be joyful about you.

Zeph 3:17

Lots of love from

Sarah and Lucy

What is there for my child on a Sunday?

Each week we will be providing two things

  • a sheet for the service
  • a Family Worship Time

Sheet for the service

There will be 2 (sometimes 3) sheets for each service – one for pre-school and infant age children (mostly colouring or something simple they can do independently) and one for Junior School aged children with space to follow the sermon and pick up on some of the content of the service. There will also be a sheet for Pathfinders in the normal way.

Family Worship Time

Alongside these there will be some teaching material to use with your children. We’ve listened to some feedback and have restructured notes to be a short time each day – perhaps around the tea table.  We’ve given you something to do, something to read, something to chat about and something to pray on each day. If you’d rather still do one longer session on a Sunday, then there is a suggestion as to how to adapt the Weekly notes. However you choose to do it we still suggest having a read through it and praying before diving into it with your kids!


If you’d like to see a list of resources compiled from other places then click the link below for some that come highly recommended (other resources are definitely out there too!)

Family Worship Time - some things to think about...


What Bible should I use?

We have used the International Children’s Bible when preparing this. It’s what we use in Children’s Church and is easily accessible. If you don’t have an ICB at home, you can switch to the NIV or another version (just read it through with that version first so you’re not caught out!) or you can go online and print out your own! If your child has their own Bible, it would be great to read and use that one.


Do I need a printer?

We will try and make it so that nothing is completely dependent on a printer, so don’t worry if you’ve just got this up on a screen. However, you might want to print out notes, or there might be some things you just want to copy down. If you need help please email us and we will aim sort something out.


Think about room set up

Try and sit down all together at a table or on the floor in a circle that is clear and free from distractions.

Don’t expect them to sit quietly, though! Kids take a surprising amount in whilst making noise/wriggling. But similarly, if you think that they’ve stopped concentrating then switch tack and give them something to do, answer, or touch – hopefully there’ll be ideas in the notes of what that could be.



Everything you need will be mentioned in the notes (another good reason to check through them before you start!) We will aim to only suggest items that you’ll already have lying around the house – though you may need to substitute some items. You might also want to arm children with paper and pens/pencils so they can jot/draw things as you go along. Sometimes this can really help people process things (you could try it in a sermon too!)


Using the Notes

You can use these notes however you like! If (for example) your oldest child is a Sparkler then you could just do those notes, however it’s more likely you have different children of different ages. So please pick and choose whatever you like; borrow from other age group suggestions either older or younger or ignore all the notes, grab a Bible and go freestyle!



Go at your own speed. You know your kids best and if they get really into something go with it! Equally if you feel that there’s too much – stop! You might want to come back to it later in the day or another day entirely. (But just as a guide we think the notes will take about 20 minutes.)



Don’t forget to cover the whole thing in prayer. Pray before you start and at the end. There are some suggestions, but they are not an exhaustive list. You may want to abandon it completely too and pray for your current situation, or friends and family. We’d covet your prayers too…


Forge will continue to meet with online group meetings. These meetings will need to stick to safeguarding guidelines for online youth and children’s ministry.  These guidelines currently include (but are not limited to):-

  • obtaining parental consent 
  • using parents’ contact details to set up the session
  • applying ‘normal’ youth group safeguarding rules e.g. having two DBS-checked leaders in each session
  • not recording sessions 

If your child is a regular at Forge please could you download the consent form here and return it to Lucy

We have just come to the end of our studies in Ruth, so watch this space as to what comes next!


We are hoping to be in touch with Cabin members too. It will look VERY different (hard to play table tennis over a video call…. ooooh sounds like a challenge) but we want to hear how everyone’s doing and we have plans as to how to do that. Again it’s a case of making sure that we’re following Safeguarding guidelines so we will also need you to download the consent form here and return it to Lucy

If your child is a regular at Cabin please note that guidelines state we must

  • obtain parental consent 
  • use parents’ contact details to set up the session
  • apply ‘normal’ youth group safeguarding rules e.g. having two DBS-checked leaders in each session
  • not record sessions 

We’ll update you as soon as we can…

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